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Sjömansro offers many kinds of experiences to the nature lover. The hotel lies right at the spectacular 2,5km long pure sandy beach, which has several natural springs and pristine water. The hotel offers it´s guests kayaks and the area is ideal for paddling even for beginners. 

We welcome our guests to come and enjoy the beautiful views and whispers of Nature. Although this area is very peaceful and quiet, it is also popular among paragliders and adventurers. It is ideal for those who enjoy long walks in the forest, bicycling and the friendly atmoshpere of the Lappohja village.

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Hotel guests can reserve the hotel sauna and enjoy the hotels kayaks. Meals are not included in the hotel rooms. Guest can freely use self service kitchens. The nearest restaurant Villa Kosthåll is in the neighbouring Village Skogby.

You can pay for your room when you arrive at the hotel. We accept credit cards.


Sea view rooms

The seaside rooms (5) include a double bed, table and chair. The rooms are designed for 1-2 guests. The toilets and showers at the corridor are shared with other guests. 

105e / night

Single rooms

Single rooms (7) include a bed, table and chair. The window view is to the street with lovely wooden villas. The toilet and showers are shared.

80e / night

Family room

The spacious family room includes double beds, table, chair and a sofa. The window view is to the street with villas.

from 135e / night

Connected family room

The connected family room consists of two single rooms combined. A door in between connects the two rooms. In total this combination can host 2 adults and 2 children. Toilets and showers are shared with other guests. Window view is towards a forest.


from 135e / night

Beach sauna

In addition to the hotel sauna, there is also a separate beach sauna that is available for rent privately. The wood-heated sauna includes a chillax area with a simple kitchen.


The area is filled with exciting activities for the nature lover. Besides swimming, snorkeling, long walks on the beach and kayaking, this are also provides great opportunities for surfing and paragliding.

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Image by Matthew Clark
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Satamatie 40 

10820 Lappohja


Sjömansro is accessible by car, boat or train. The nearest railway station is 1km from Sjömansro and is connected to Hanko, Tammisaari and Helsinki centre.

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